Tesco and Asda URGENT recall: Salmonella risk causes product recall – affected items here

Urgent recall warnings are not often issued but are something that should be taken very seriously.  Customers who have recently shopped at Tesco and Asda are being urged to check their cupboards and avoid eating certain products due to a salmonella risk.  Salmonella infection is a food borne illness which can cause extreme symptoms similar to food poisoning.  Sufferers may be left feeling or being sick and with stomach cramps or aching muscles.

Tesco and Asda salmonella food recall: Full list of affected items here

Tesco has issued an urgent warning to recall it’s Apricot Almond and Yogurt Bars due to a risk of causing the illness.

Food can be contaminated with the bacteria at any stage during the production process, the processing of the food itself and while cooking.

The supermarket chain has issued the recall as a precautionary step because it might contain salmonella.

The affected products are the 4 x 35g sized packs with the batch code of 9100 and 9101.

Only those with a best before date of 31 January 2020 are thought to be affected, and no other Tesco products are known to be affected.

Customers who have bought this product are urged not to eat it and to return it to the where it was bought for a full refund.

The supermarket has also put up point of sale notices in all stores so customers can easily see the affected product.

Asda has also issued a similar recall warning after one of their products could possibly cause the illness.

The supermarket can has recalled Asda Cranberry and Nut Cereal Bars in a 4 x 35g pack size. 

The product affected are those with the Best before date of September 2019 and are being recalled due to the risk of salmonella.

Asda are also recalling Asda Peanut and Almond Cereal Bars in a 4 x 35g pack size as these could also cause the illness.

The affected packs also have the best before date of September 2019.

Customers are warned not to eat these products, and instead return them to the store they were bought from for a full refund.

No other Asda products are thought to be affected.

Recently, Asda, Morrisons and Lidl have recalled other items for different health risks. 

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