Tesco news: Supermarket to launch UK’s first Millionaire Shortbread gelato

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The UK’s first ever Millionaire Shortbread gelato was whipped up by Hackney Gelato. Situated in east London, the chefs at the gelateria are makers of proper Italian gelato and sorbetto.

Chefs Enrico Pavoncelli and Sam Newman founded Hackney Gelato in 2015, after learning their gelato craft in various parts of Italy.

The duo first sold their ice cream at Brock Lane’s Sunday market and later started supplying multiple London restaurants with gelato and sorbetto.

Today, Hackney Gelato is stocked in even more restaurants, as well as in shops and supermarkets.

Some of the duo’s gelatos and sorbettos are available from Ocado, Waitrose, and Tesco.

Hackney Gelato’s most recent flavour is Millionaire Shortbread.

Homemade in east London, the ice cream was made with fresh British milk and slow churned in the Italian way by the gelateria’s expert team, creating a luxuriously smooth texture.

The gelato includes shortbread and Belgian chocolate chunks, as well as a rich caramel sauce.

It will launch exclusively at Tesco on March 15.

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One of the main differences between gelato and ice cream is the way it is churned.

Gelato is slow churned, meaning that less air is incorporated into the mix, resulting in a smooth, dense, rich texture, without the iciness that you would typically get in ice cream.

Since gelato is made with more milk and less cream, it also contains less fat than most ice creams.

This, according to Hackney Gelato, allows the true taste of the ingredients to come through, creating a more intense flavour.

Hackney Gelato co-founder, Sam Newman, said: “Eating our Millionaire Shortbread Gelato is an intensely rewarding experience.

“Like winning gold at the Olympics. Or getting a question right on University Challenge.”

The brand’s slogan is: “Like eating gold, but softer.”

Other Hackney Gelato flavours include a combination of pistachio, almond and lemon, sea salted caramel, Bakewell tart, peanut butter and chocolate, and more.

Hackney Gelato also has a range of sorbetto flavours, including Alphonso mango, raspberry, dark chocolate, and coconut.

The dark chocolate sorbetto is now available to buy from Waitrose.

Available on Ocado is another of the brand’s most recent limited-edition flavour: Hot Cross Bun.

In an Instagram post promoting the new gelato, Hackney Gelato wrote: “Fresh milk infused with toasted hot cross buns, slow churned into a smooth, creamy gelato with added sultanas, candied fruit and a dollop of salted butter.

“It’s all the greatness of a hot cross bun without accidentally burning half of it in the toaster,” it added.

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