The Most Popular Wedding Cakes of 2019, According to Google

Through the years, we’ve seen all kinds of wedding cakes: big ones, small ones, ones made of cheese, and even ones made of waffles. One of the great things about living in modern times is that everyone can celebrate their love with whatever dessert (or, in the case of cheese, non-dessert) they please. (I, for example, had a gelato sundae bar.) But Google searches are always a great way to get a beat on what the trends are in any category, so when the company released their latest data, we had to know: What are the most-searched-for wedding cakes of 2019?

Most-Searched Wedding Cakes in the U.S. This Year

The answer is a surprising one only for people who haven’t been watching Christina Tosi’s rise to fame in the dessert world, because her trend of bare-sided (or “naked”) cakes has made the jump into the wedding world. A number of the other top terms followed a similarly pared-down look; coming in at number two was “simple wedding cake”and number four was “rustic wedding cake.” Even if they aren’t as easy to make as the names imply, they give off an air of less fancy and less fussy at the actual wedding. But don’t get them confused with number 10, “DIY wedding cake,” because it can be tough looking that effortless.

In alternative material wedding cakes, numbers eight and nine were “donut wedding cake” and “cupcake wedding cake,” so maybe the time isn’t quite right for everyone’s tables to be stocked with cheese and waffles, but certainly that could be in our future! 

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