The New $99 Pan That Everyone Should Own

To be fully transparent, we used to believe that if you weren’t roasting a full bird (a turkey or a chicken) all that often, you didn’t need to buy a roasting pan. If you had to roast a turkey for Thanksgiving, we were big proponents of borrowing a pan or getting by with whatever you happened to have on hand (see: No Roasting Pan? 5 Alternatives Already In Your Kitchen). But that has changed! We now fully believe that everyone needs this new, $99 carbon steel pan from Made In, a direct-to-consumer cookware company.

“My Made In Roasting pan is here and it is so good!” says Associate Food Editor, Meghan Splawn. “Everyone should buy one.”

What’s so great about it?

“It’s really lightweight but still manages to heat incredibly well. The size is great for roasting a standard chicken or a large-ish turkey — it’s smaller than my other roasting pan so I don’t feel like things are swimming in it. And it’s naturally nonstick, so cleanup was super easy.”

Buy: Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan, $99 at Made In

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And while you can use other roasting pans for things beyond roasting, this pan is especially versatile because it’s got super-high walls, features stainless steel handles (that are angled for holding and tenting tinfoil), and is oven safe up to 1,200 degrees (!!!). So beyond poultry, this pan is really great for roasting vegetables, braising, baking, making deep casseroles, and so much more. (The company suggests using it to make a deep-dish pizza and we couldn’t be more into the idea.)

Just one thing to note: This pan is made of carbon steel, which creates an extremely tough surface that heats quickly and evenly. It’s very cast iron-y — just lighter! And like cast iron, it requires a little extra love when it comes to cleaning it, but it’s also virtually indestructible.

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So yes, we’ve come around on our roasting pan thoughts! Even if you’re not hosting Thanksgiving next month, we think this pan is worth adding to your arsenal.

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Do you have a roasting pan? How often do you use it?

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