The Secret to Making the Best Baby Potatoes

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Nothing rounds out a plate like a potato. Mashed, fried, roasted, gratinated, there is no meal that is not improved by its presence. Hashed browns at breakfast, chips next to a sandwich, a loaded baked next to your steak or mashed alongside your chicken, potatoes make everything better.


Great cooking comes down to confidence

One of my favorite potatoes is the little potato. Marble-sized, long skinny fingerlings, three-bite babies—I truly adore a tiny tater. In no small part because they are so easy and fast to cook, so they are the perfect thing for a dinner party. You can keep them simple, tossed with butter and herbs, or get fancy, with a coarse mustard cream sauce. And without a doubt, the best way to prepare them is steamed.

Yep, I said it, steamed, not boiled.

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Boiled potatoes often get waterlogged, and often a lot of the potato flavor goes down the drain with the boiling water. But steamed potatoes, like any steamed vegetable, retain all of their flavor and goodness! The skin, instead of getting slippery and unpleasant, becomes taut and has the snap of a great sausage skin. And it is very little difference in terms of timing. While large potatoes take forever to steam, the little ones can be done in a mere 20 minutes. I don’t steam any potato that is bigger than about two inches in diameter.

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To steam baby potatoes, clean them well under cold running water and pat dry. Place them in a steamer basket or pot insert. Bring two inches of water to boil in your pot over high heat, then put the steamer basket or insert into your pot and cover. Test for doneness at 20 minutes for marble sized potatoes, and 25 minutes for smaller baby or fingerlings, 30 minutes for slightly larger. Steam until tender all the way through, then garnish to your heart’s delight!

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