The Toasterdilla is the Latest Genius Quarantine Food Hack from TikTok


A lot about our world and the role that food plays in it has already changed during this pandemic, and that will only continue once we arrive at the mythical “new normal.” Though most of those changes aren’t very fun, there’s been at least one unexpected development that hopefully continues: TikTok has become a haven for ingenious and unexpected food hacks.

For the latest such example, we turn to a snack hack whose name pretty much says it all: The Toasterdilla. Shared with the world by user Cody Davidson, this short how-to really proves that putting together a decent-looking quesadilla is probably a whole lot easier than you’d think.

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In case you need a little help figuring it out, I’ll recap the process for you. First acquire a tortilla, then put cheese (type of cheese and amount of cheese up to you) on top of the tortilla. Fold in each side horizontally a little bit so they’re slightly overlapping in the middle, then fold in half vertically. From there, the ‘dilla goes in the aforementioned toaster on a medium-low heat setting (Cody’s toaster is set at about a three out of a seven, so think of it as if you’re a normal person making toast). Once it pops up, reverse the vertical fold so what was initially the untoasted inside part of the folded quesadilla is now ready to bathe in your toaster’s heat.

Once it emerges from the toaster for the second time, you’ve got yourself a damn fine quesadilla that’s ready to go. As long as you can access a toaster, you officially have no reason to *not* just make a quesadilla all the time now. I’m not going to say that’s guaranteed to make the experience of sitting at home all week any better, but it definitely won’t make it worse.


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