There’s an Instant Pot Just for Kids – and It’s Only $20 at Target

When I was a kid, the coolest kitchen play toy I had was a tea kettle that would actually whistle when its built-in timer went off. (Impressive, right?!) Of course, toys have come a long way since then. Here to prove my point: This tiny, aquamarine Instant Pot look-alike that’s now available at Target.

The Perfectly Cute One Stop Cooking Pot obviously can’t actually cook but it does make super realistic cooking sounds — sizzling and boiling! — and, perhaps best of all, it makes a burst of cold “steam” when the lid is about to get released (just use the included water dropper to add water to the lid and push a button). It also comes with a plastic chicken and a piece of broccoli, so your child can make a semi-well-rounded meal. (Yes, you can also cook a whole chicken in your Instant Pot.)

Buy: Perfectly Cute One Stop Cooking Pot, $20 at Target

This toy instantly makes me think of the look-alike Dyson vacuum, which is also available at Target. Kids just love doing everything their parents do, so I started thinking about what other small electrics we need to make toy versions of, and honestly, now that we have a mini Instant Pot, I think toy stores are complete. Can you think of anything we need to toy-ify?

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One more thing: If your kid has a play kitchen, the toy can obviously be stashed in there, but if not, allow me to suggest this cart. It’s a cult-favorite among the Instant Pot community and you can keep yours on the top shelf and your kid’s on the bottom one. It’ll be adorable! Trust me. (Even more adorable if you get one of the new colored Instant Pots!)

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