There's an Instant Pot Just for Kids, and You Can Get It at Target

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Pretend food is one of the best toys around. Even with all the gadgets and video games out there today, miniature produce, meat, and pantry staples still take up space in toy collections. And with the success of play kitchens and kid-ified appliances like the Easy Bake Oven, it only makes sense that cooking fads have made their way onto toy shelves. 

Case in point? A toy called the Let’s Get Cooking One Stop Pot, a miniature, aquamarine Instant Pot lookalike. Obviously this thing can’t cook, but that’s what the magic of pretending is for. The set, which is intended for children ages 3 and up, includes the pot, a water dropper, and a plastic whole chicken and broccoli so your child can cook up some Instant Pot classics. 

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“Perfectly Cute Home role-play toys allow your child to shop, clean and cook alongside mom and dad,” the product description reads. “Kids can use their imagination while pretending to do everything that mom and dad do at home. Realistic and adorable designs make for perfect open-ended play! Cook, clean, shop and more-and SO cute!”

Kids can push the pot’s button to release cold “steam” and play with real cooking sounds like boiling and sizzling, which is much safer than fooling around with an actual pressure cooker (look, I know what children are capable of). Once playtime is over, you can store everything in the pot. 

The Let’s Get Cooking One Stop Pot is available at Target stores and online for $19.99, and includes batteries. Trust us, this one won’t stay in stock long. 

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