These Quick Coconut Shrimp Noodles Are Better Than Takeout

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Recipes are usually organized by ingredient, technique, season, or meal, but rarely are the organized by mood. You know, something to make when you want a thing that's crunchy, or when you're really craving a meal that has a lot of cheese in it, or, for me, a meal that's quick and will convince me not to get takeout. There's nothing wrong with takeout, but for me, when I'm trying to save a little money, or just use up the perfectly good food I have in the fridge instead of ignoring it in favor of sushi, I need a couple quick recipes in my pocket to lure me away from the Seamless app. 

Enter this Speedy Coconut-Curry Shrimp Skillet, a meal that has all the ginger-curry flavors that I want, plus fresh shrimp and vermicelli noodles. I'm not going to tell you it's as easy as takeout, because we both know that any amount of turning on the stove and dealing with dishes is not that easy, but it's only about two clicks more difficult than ordering. The whole stirfrying part takes about five minutes, plus cooking rice noodles. 

Easy never tasted so awesome.

The trick to something that cooks as quickly as this skillet is having your ingredients all ready and set up beforehand. Unlike some recipes that allow you to multitask—chopping a bell pepper while the onions are sweating, say—this one goes fast enough that you'll want to have everything lined up and ready to go before heating up your pan. Chop your peanuts and cilnatro in advance, and measure out the curry paste. The prep is probably the most intensive part of the whole endeavor, and even then, it's just a matter of chopping and mincing a few things. If you're really not feeling the whole mincing garlic and ginger part, you can even just run them over a microplane instead—I'm not going to say anything. 

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Getting nice shrimp here is the real trick, too, since that will really set the dish apart from standard takeout fare. Shrimp don't take much time to cook, so really watch them in the pan to prevent having them go from tender and delicious to rubbery and dry. And adjust the sauce to your liking with more salt and pepper. Quicker than takeout? Maybe not, but certainly good enough to make you reconsider pushing that "reorder" button.

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