These Reusable Paper Towels Are Incredible Cleaning Tools—and They’re Zooming Up Amazon’s Charts

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As we inch into spring, we’re searching for smart tips on floor-to-ceiling sweeps and stocking up on the best cleaning supplies. And at the top of the to-do list? Giving our kitchens a deep scrub.

But before you grab your kitchen sponge, which could harbor tons of dangerous bacteria, or a single-use paper towel to wipe down your countertops, check out these reusable sponge-dishcloth hybrids that are taking Amazon by storm. 

Made from environmentally friendly cellulose (aka wood pulp) and cotton, Dii Swedish Dishcloths are durable and super absorbent cleaning tools. And Amazon shoppers are obsessed—the dishcloths have a remarkable 4.6-star rating and jumped in popularity more than 300 percent in the retailer’s kitchen department this week.

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The 7.75-by-6.75-inch clothes are stiff when dry but become flexible and soft as soon as they’re damp. The all-natural, biodegradable material is incredibly absorbent, capable of holding 15 times its own weight in liquid, and is lint-free to prevent streaks. What’s more, they’re a breeze to clean. Just toss in the dishwasher or in the washing machine and they’ll be good as new again.

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers swear by these cloths, saying they’re even better cleaning tools than sponges and paper towels and last for years of use.

“They are AMAZING,” one user wrote. “They are far more absorbent than paper towels, they don’t hold smells or stains like sponges, and they are much stronger than paper towels. I put these in all of my family and friends’ Christmas stockings because every kitchen needs these.”

Another added, “I use them in the kitchen for general dish washing, in the bathroom to wipe down the counters every day, and in the shower to wipe it down to prevent soap scum from building up between deep cleanings. They are thin but durable so they dry quickly without any musty smell.”

Dii Swedish Dishcloths come in a pack of three and cost around $15. Choose from a dozen different designs, including cats, chickens, and lemons for an environmentally friendly upgrade to spring cleaning.

DII Swedish Dishcloths

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To buy: $15 (originally $16);

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