These Vanilla Cake-Flavored Funfetti Morsels Are a Party in a Bag


You can't get more fun than a batch of Funfetti cookies and cakes, and Nestle Toll House is giving us yet another exciting new product that will bring that pop of color into the kitchen. The new Funfetti Morsels are bright, colorful, and filled with edible rainbow Funfetti pieces that taste just like a slice of sweet, vanilla birthday cake. Yum!

Plus, you can add these little baking morsels into a variety of goods, from cookies, brownies, or blondies to a decadent layered cake with icing on top. And they're not just for treats and desserts — you can even use them in your favorite breakfast foods! Try sprinkling them on top of pancakes or waffles for a morning meal that'll start your day on a happy note.

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The good news is you can find these Funfetti morsels at a variety of stores. They will be available in the baking aisle alongside other Nestle Toll House products at Kroger, Hannaford, Target, and select regional grocery chains. Check with your local grocery chain to see if they are carrying the product, or check out the product locator feature on the Nestle Toll House website to find the closest location to you. Just head to to browse.

If you do find one, you can expect to pay $3.20 for a nine-ounce bag, which is a bargain for so much fun and color. We can't wait to add these to our next batch of cupcakes or stack of pancakes soon!

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