This $7 Cleaner Can Make the Toughest Red Wine Stains Disappear, According to Amazon Shoppers

Red wine

Whether you spill a couple of droplets or a whole bottle, red wine is one of the worst stains to deal with. But the next time (yes, there’s always a next time) someone splashes your tablecloth, carpet, or favorite shirt, don't panic. Amazon shoppers swear they’ve found a quick fix to remove red wine stains for good: Wine Away. 

Made with methylcyclohexene, an organic solvent, the product reportedly removes stains from fabrics, carpet, and upholstery. Just lightly shake the bottle, saturate the stained area with the spray, and let it sit for up to five minutes. Blot the area with a damp rag and the blemish should disappear like magic, leaving only a fresh citrus scent.

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Wine Away is one of Amazon’s best-selling stain removers, and more than 1,100 customers have rated the cleaner a perfect five stars, with dozens calling it “magic” and “miraculous.”

“This product is a miracle worker,” one wrote. “We used to panic when anyone spilled or dripped red wine in our house. Now, we just pull out the Wine Away and there is no stain. We have even used it on our wool rugs. The real test came when half a glass of cabernet sauvignon was spilled on the off-white, wool Capel rug in our kitchen. We blotted as much as we could. It took LOTS of Wine Away and several applications, but the rug was saved.”

Another added that it even works on dried stains: “I usually never write reviews for things, but this product saved my life. I had a huge wine stain in my carpet that had been there for weeks. I tried to get it out multiple times, but as soon as I started spraying this, I could see the stain disappearing without even doing anything. Then I blotted the spot, and it just completely disappeared.”

Despite the name, Wine Away also claims to remove stains from coffee, ink, fruit punches, and even blood (if your parties get way too rowdy). Plus it costs just $7, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new rug. Head to Amazon to pick up a bottle of your own, and you’ll never sweat a red wine spill again.

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