This Four-Year-Old Had an Adorable Aldi-Themed Birthday Party


In adulthood, a trip to the grocery store is more of a dull errand rather than something associated with a celebration. Most of the time, the objective is to get in and out as quickly as possible without buying too many guilty pleasure snacks that weren’t on your shopping list.

But don’t tell that to 4-year-old Saylor Singleton. She loves grocery chain Aldi so much that her mom Meghan went all out to throw her a very cute Aldi-themed birthday party, pulling out all the stops.

“Saylor loves Aldi for two things, putting the quarter in the cart and for what she calls the ‘fun aisle’ because she almost always finds something for herself there,” Singleton told Delish.

That “fun aisle” made an appearance in a professional photoshoot Saylor did inside her local Aldi in honor of her birthday. The broad smile on her face throughout these photos makes it clear how much she loves the place.

I know your not Baby Say anymore, but having you in this life, is AMAZING! I love you more than you'll ever know, and I…

The party was incredibly on-theme with decorations made to match the aesthetics of Aldi, including an Aldi finds display dedicated to the birthday girl. The food also fit the theme, with “25 cent cookies” made to represent the quarter you need to unlock an Aldi shopping cart. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete with Saylor’s favorite Aldi find: corn dogs. “She knows exactly where they are in the freezer section,” mom Meghan said.

So the next time you’re less than excited about a trip to the grocery store, try seeing it through the eyes of a four year old and pretending it’s your favorite place in the world. It just might make your day.





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