This Genius $8 Tool Helps Me Open Literally Every Jar I Own

Swing-A-Way Jar Opener

I don’t like asking for help—especially in the kitchen. It’s not that I think I can do everything, but there’s so much to learn from experimenting with (and sometimes failing at) recipes. Plus, I have my pride. However, there’s one thing I always beg my roommate/boyfriend/whoever is nearby to do: open a darn jar.

Maybe it’s my little hands, or possibly my complete lack of forearm strength, but I have struggled with opening jars all my life. Yes, I’ve tried the rubber band trick, and running the lid under hot water and tapping to release the vacuum seal—it never seems to make it easier to get my peanut butter, chili oil, or pickles.

Which is why when I came across the Swing-A-Way Jar Opener (full disclosure: it was given to me by the brand), I was intrigued. Would this be the tool to finally make me the strong, independent woman I always dreamed of being? (Spoiler: 100 percent yes.)

Made of durable steel, the tool gives that extra leverage to easily twist open whatever-sized jar you need. To use it, adjust to your lid size by sliding the gripped handle up or down the jar opener's rack. Then, once in place over the lid, squeeze the handle to tightly grip the lid, twist counter-clockwise, and it’ll open even the most stubborn jars.

Swing-A-Way Jar Opener

To buy: $8 (originally $14);

I’ve tried this with tomato sauce, a jar of olives, and even my grandma’s sticky raspberry jam. It really does work. But if you don’t want to take my word for it, there are hundreds of Amazon shoppers also singing the Swing-A-Way’s praises. It has over 1,200 perfect five-star reviews on the site.

“How much more simple a design could there be, yet this is probably the only jar opener that works [the] first time and every time,” says a reviewer. “This is a vast improvement over the more traditional openers, like rubber pads, and the devices that look like vise grips. This stores in a small space and is very easy to use. Probably deserves a place in MOMA.”

Another adds that the design is perfect for seniors or people with arthritis: “Dang this is clever and works well. As my arthritis progresses, I find that I cannot get a good grip to open a pickle jar any more. I went all through my pitiful collection of jar openers and found some that were too small and others that were too large; none that were the right size. So, I tossed them all out. This has a ratcheting mechanism that instantly adjusts to the jar size so it gets the best grip. Chrome-plated steel with a padded vinyl handle grip. This will last.”

The Swing-A-Way is not only easy to use, but also to clean—just use warm water and soap. And reviewers love it so much, many describe gifting the tool to family and friends. 

“I have had this opener for 26 years. Yes, 26 years,” raves a user. “Got it as a wedding gift back in 1980 and I'm still using it. I love it and use it almost every day. It has never failed me and even kids can use this one. I'm ordering two more for my daughters for Christmas for their own apartments.”

My life has certainly changed since trying out the Swing-A-Way, and right now, you can snag one of your own for just under $8 (that’s 46 percent off the original price). Add it to your Amazon shopping cart ASAP, and you can be a strong, independent woman (or man), too!

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