This Genius Brownie Pan Is a Must-Have If You Love Crispy Edges

Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer a gooey slice straight from the center of a brownie pan, and those who swear by the crispy outside edges. That’s it, we don’t make the rules. But if you’re someone who falls in the latter category, we do have some good for you. 

Enter: the Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan. This genius zigzag-shaped pan is here to solve the struggle you didn’t even know you had, by turning every brownie into a coveted edge piece. Far from your average square, it’s designed with three interior walls to ensure each slice has not one, but two, crunchy perfect edges.

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Based on its 4.7-star rating and the hundreds of rave Amazon reviews, it’s clear to see why the Baker’s Edge Pan has gained its very own following. What’s more, the innovative pan comes with a spatula and brownie recipes to quite literally sweeten the deal (sorry, had to) and makes for a perfect gift for the edge-lover in your life.

“My mom loves brownies and growing up we'd fight over the corners and edge pieces, because those are our favorite,” said one reviewer. “I bought this pan for her and she loves it. Every piece is an edge, so there are no ‘bad’ brownies (not that the middles are bad, just a bit inferior to the edges in our opinions). When I visit, we all get as many edges as we want.” 

One common downside to baking brownies is the leftover burnt-on mess that’s sometimes left behind. But because the Baker’s Edge Pan’s heavy-duty cast aluminum is coated both inside and out, cleanup is a breeze and you won’t find yourself scraping away at your sweets in an attempt to get them out. The durable pan is suitable for all standard brownie mixes and doesn’t require any recipe tweaks. Just pour it in, bake, and you’ll have three rows of corner pieces at the ready. The best part? People have gotten creative with the pan, proving it can be used not just for brownies but any food where snagging a crispy edge piece is a must. 

Another shopper added that it’s perfect for “any sort of dish where people fight over the edges—mac and cheese or stuffing or tuna casserole.”

Life’s too short to eat the center slice when you really want the corner. Head to Amazon to get the Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan, instead.

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