This Keurig-of-Beers Machine Is Perfect for Brewing at Home


This St. Patrick’s Day probably looks a lot different than any other you’ve experienced, on account of the whole “the bars are closed and no one should be outside” thing happening right now. But just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you have to turn into a teetotaler while locked in your apartment.

Thanks to a new pilot program from the Drinkworks Home Bar, it looks like the closest thing to a “Keurig for Beer” is about to become a reality. Drinkworks, which debuted in 2018, will finally introduce pods that can pour you a proper pint (well, 14 ounces) of beer at the push of a button. While cocktails (and even Stella Artois’ cider) have been available for a while, this marks the first time everyone’s favorite hoppy beverage has been available in pod form.

The trial run for Drinkworks’ beer pods will center on a partnership with LA’s Golden Road Brewing, a small brewery owned by AB InBev, which partnered with Keurig Dr. Pepper to develop Drinkworks in the first place. Golden Road’s offerings will be available as a four pod variety pack that includes four different fruity varieties of its wheat beer: Mango Wheat, Blood Orange Wheat, Pineapple Apricot Wheat, and Strawberry Guava Wheat.

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While the concept is certainly cool, the initial lack of variety on offer will probably register as disappointing to discerning drinkers. It’s also worth noting that—for the time being, at least—each four-pack will only be available in Golden Road’s backyard of Orange County, California. Think of it as a dry run before these liquid pods are ready to be sold to the thirsty masses.

But boy, do we ever need a way to pour our own draught beer at home right now. Here’s hoping that Drinkworks can somehow roll this out on a widespread basis pretty quickly so we can turn our homes into bars during this time of need. 

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