This Lodge Cast Iron Scrub Brush Is Only $5 on Amazon Right Now

Lodge 10-Inch Cast Iron Scrub Brush

Once you invest in high-quality cast iron cookware to prepare delicious meals in, you want to do everything you can to keep those pieces looking brand new. That’s why a scrubber brush is a necessity for any cast iron owner.

While some cast iron pots and pans are dishwasher safe, brands typically recommend hand washing with hot water and a stiff bristled brush, like this scrub brush from Lodge. It features a plastic head with nylon bristles specifically designed to preserve the finish of cast iron cookware and has a rubber wooden handle with an ergonomic design to make doing the dishes a breeze. Plus, the handle includes a hole so you can easily hang it on a hook if you’re short on counter or drawer space.

The simple scrub brush has amassed more than 1,200 five-star reviews on Amazon, and for such a basic cleaning item, it has some passionate fans. Shoppers say it looks far more expensive than it is and really gets the job done, even without dish soap.

“I'm not sure how I've gone without one of these for so long! It's wonderful. The bristles are stiff and work great!” one reviewer wrote. “I can scrub in super hot water without worry. I haven't seen a single bristle come out of the thing, and when it gets dirty I can quickly rinse it under the hot water or dip it into a soapy bowl and swish it around and it comes out neat and clean.”

Another said, “I ordered this to clean my cast iron skillet and it has done just that. After I cook a meal, I pour water in the skillet while still extremely hot then scrub with this brush. I don't use any dish detergent and everything still comes off.”

One shopper noted that if you use cast iron cookware, you need this brush. “[I] love the wood handle and how the brush feels in your hand. The bristles are just the right stiffness for flicking away any solid bits, and the brush also cleans up nicely between uses (and not just because the bristles aren't bright white, though that certainly helps). I would definitely recommend this for cast iron fans,” they wrote.

The best part about this cleaning essential? It’s currently on sale for just $5. Head to Amazon to stock up on the scrub brush while it’s still marked down over 50 percent off.

Lodge 10-Inch Cast Iron Scrub Brush

Buy It: $5 (orig. $10);

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