This Maryland Winery Is Using a Dog to Make Contactless Deliveries


Though the lives of most humans inarguably suck right now, dogs seem to have it pretty good at the moment. Quarantine has granted our four-legged friends more time at home with their owners, and a spike in adoptions has gotten many dogs out of shelters and into homes. Now, one particularly Good Boy has demonstrated that dogs can be an asset for businesses adjusting to a world defined by contactless delivery.

As evidenced by a recent Instagram post, Maryland-based Stone House Urban Winery has employed the services of a very special dog named Soda Pup (get it?) in order to get wine into the hands of thirsty customers.

Come get your wine via curbside pickup @stonehouseurbanwinery Soda wants to make sure that you’re stocked up until next Wednesday…. or longer! We are here until 6pm today! Thank you to all of our loyal customers for your support!

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This well-trained Boxer is loaded up with two bottles of wine placed in saddlebags that he then carries out to Stone House’s parking lot, making sure the end product gets to where it needs to go without putting any humans at risk.

According to coverage by the Today Show, the idea came about once co-owner Lori Yata realized that Soda was feeling a bit down given that he couldn’t see as many people dropping by Stone House like he used to. But after buying a wine bottle-worthy saddlebag for him, he was deployed for curbside pickup purposes. Yata says Soda “gets very excited”  when he sees the saddlebags, because he knows he’s going outside to make some friends.

In addition to making their corner of Maryland a happier place by delivering wine, Soda and Yata have parlayed their brush with fame into support for the local Humane Society of Washington County. A follow-up post from the winery encourages those who live too far away to meet Soda in person or who don’t like wine (weird) to make a donation to the animal welfare organization on his behalf. 

Given that the CDC notes that dogs are very unlikely to transmit COVID-19 (and Yata loads the saddlebags with gloves on), getting Soda some exercise while letting customers without pets enjoy even a minute of animal interaction sure seems like a win-win. Just don’t forget to leave a very generous tip—in this case, a few pats or a heartfelt “good boy” should suffice.


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