This New Mint Oreo Big Crunch Bar Is the Ultimate Oreo Candy


Close your eyes and picture an Oreo. What do you see? If you’re like 99 out of 100 people, you probably envisioned the circular chocolate cookie with a creme filling, possibly even watching it get dunked into a glass of milk. In almost every instance, that assumption about the characteristics that define an Oreo product would be correct.


But friends, in the case of the Mint Oreo Big Crunch Bar, you’d be wrong. Spotted by @CandyHunting, this is an entirely different beast, deconstructing the oreo into a more unique, mint-chocolatey form.

Mint Oreo Big Crunch Bars are out for the holidays! Found these at Walgreens.

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While the same sort of layering principle that defines the standard Oreo still applies here, both the composition and presentation ends up being quite a bit different. Based on the available information, the Big Crunch Bar puts Milka milk chocolate on the outside, and then flips the script by using a mint-chocolate Oreo creme to surround a layer of Oreo cookie. Simply mind-blowing stuff (or is it “stuf” if we’re talking about Oreos?).

Though @CandyHunting has spotted this product on the shelves of Walgreen’s in the past, it looks like the Milka and Oreo collaboration is getting a big push for the holidays, as the gift wrap-style packaging suggests. Really: you don’t even need to wrap this thing to give it out as a gift.

So now that ‘tis the season for mint chocolate and glad tidings, keep an eye out for the Mint Oreo Big Crunch Bar wherever you panic-buy your stocking stuffers. They’re the confusing, Christmas-y Oreo treat you didn’t know you needed in your life.  

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