This Restaurant Has a Dog Brunch With Pet-Friendly Cocktails

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Humans love brunch. Some of them will tell you that it’s the most important meal of the week. Though plenty of them are known to enjoy bottomless mimosas to the point that they essentially become animals, brunch is a thing where pets are only tenuously tolerated at best. 

Until now. That’s because one South Florida spot is serving up a special event brunch that truly puts pets front and center. This Saturday (July 20th) marks the latest installment of Brimstone Doral’s popular “Bark-n-Brunch,” a treat for masters and puppers alike.

Time is running out! Don’t forget to enter our #BrimstoneDogContest for your chance to win brunch on us. Just post a funny video of your pooch using the hashtag #BrimstoneDogContest for your chance to win. While you’re there make sure to head over tomorrow for our Bark N’ Brunch starting at 11am featuring our brand new Dog-Friendly menu with items like No Cats Allowed and Filet Pupnon.Winners will be announced 7/19 at 4pm. ?: @remixthedog

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In addition to serving up everything you’d expect from a south Florida brunch, Brimstone takes the idea of a dog’s breakfast very literally. There’s no need to relegate your pup to their usual dry food or surreptitiously feed them scraps under the table. Instead offer their favorite furball dishes like “Awoof Con Pollo,” “Filet Pupnon,” and "No Cats Allowed," all of which sound like high-end spins on your usual pet chow.

Of course, this isn’t the first restaurant to serve (overpriced) foods specifically for dogs. But given that this event is specifically for four-legged friends, it’s only right that they have a chance to get in on the drinking, too. To that end, Brimstone will be serving up complimentary dog-friendly (i.e. non-alcoholic) cocktails. There aren’t really any details on what exactly is in any of these dog-friendly cocktails, but humans can experience the familiar joy of bottomless mimosas.

There's no better way to brunch then with your best friend ❤️? Join the #BRG family this Saturday, July 20th for Bark and Brunch and enjoy the best part of the weekend with your best pal. Submit your funniest pet video using the hashtag #BrimstoneDogContest for a chance to receive brunch on us! ?: @_loganthefrenchie

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No matter what your dog orders, the proceeds from the day will go to Paws4You, a Miami-based rescue shelter. So if you’ve ever used your dog as an excuse to get out of weekend brunch plans, you’re officially out of excuses. And if you’ve thought the only thing missing from brunch was a mass gathering of man’s best friends, this is probably a dream come true. Just make sure your dog doesn’t run off to the bathroom when the bill shows up.


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