'Too Hot to Handle’ Star Bryce Hirschberg’s Kitchen Is Literally on a Boat


Our Celebrity Kitchen Show & Tell series has given us up-close-and-personal looks at all kinds of star-studded spaces, from Molly Sims’ sleek and chic California kitchen to actress Lorenza Izzo’s earthy, calming kitchen. Our latest sneak peek takes us into a kitchen of a different stripe: Netflix star Bryce Hirschberg’s galley aboard his Carver 41 yacht.

Hirschberg, who was a winner on the Netflix reality show Too Hot to Handle, told Boating Magazine that he’s lived full time on his yacht since 2013, after his dad encouraged him to give life on the water a try. 

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Since wrapping his stint on Too Hot to Handle (where attractive contestants live together and vie for prize money with the caveat that they cannot kiss, canoodle, or get physical in any way) his Southern California houseboat has been the site of several contestant reunions. "Everyone has had the boat experience," Bryce told The Oprah Magazine. The boat was also featured in Hirschberg’s directorial debut Counterfeiters (he also wrote and starred in the film).

Watch the video above for the whole tour, and check out highlights below.

Hirschberg takes us into the small but efficiently appointed and seaworthy kitchen, which includes cabinets for storage, a small oven and pop-top stove, sink, and mini fridge. With all the entertaining that goes on aboard, there are plenty of non-breakable cups and utensils, a variety of condiments for spicing up takeout, and a robust collection of tequila. 

Hirschberg’s liquor cabinet is outfitted with enough añejo to quench the thirst of the entire Too Hot to Handle cast (at least for one round), including bottles of Don Julio, KAH, Tequila dos Artes, and Cava de Oro, which he’s saving for a special occasion.

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Perhaps his most prized possession is an onboard ice maker, perfect for keeping drinks chilled and guests happy. 

Thanks for giving us a taste of that #boatlife, Bryce! Follow Bryce on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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