We Tried International Delight's New French Toast Swirl Creamer

Somewhere out there, a select group of people is wishing for fall. They are more than ready for Trader Joe’s to bring out the pumpkin products or make some butternut squash soup, all while wrapped in comfy sweaters. Yes, they know it’s July and there are plenty of hot days and summer storms to endure, but they can dream, right?

International Delight fully understands your sentiment, and that’s exactly why they’re helping you get a little more autumnal in July. Their latest coffee creamer flavor, French toast, hits stores this month at $3.79 a bottle. 

International Delight sought inspiration from Saturday mornings spent watching leaves turn, and, of course, enjoying a cozy, cinnamon-laced breakfast while sipping a cup of coffee. Essentially, they’ve taken a breakfast staple and added even more breakfast to it. French toast is a solid contender in the greatest of classic breakfast entrees department, so this flavor route feels inspired without bordering on novelty. 

The French toast creamer is far less divisive than Peeps, 2019’s other big debut, and it’s sweetly mellow rather than blatantly saccharine. The creamer is accented with maple and cinnamon, and a few of us picked up a faint waffle taste. We’re just glad International Delight associated fall with French toast instead of opting for a candy corn creamer. 

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