We Tried Tillamook's New Cream Cheese Spreads, and Here's the One We Liked Best


Cream cheese is more than a topping for bagels and fancy toast. It’s a building block—malleable, but still a building block—for beloved desserts and appetizers.

Tillamook first caught my eye when I tried their strawberry ice cream, and spoiler alert, I loved it. And ever since, I’ve eagerly watched the Oregon-based creamery expand to stores at the other end of the country. I’ve snacked on their cheese portions, and I made an unbelievable batch of cheese straws using Tillamook cheddar. So yeah, when I found out about Tillamook’s latest product, Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spread, I did the logical thing and got excited.

Tillamook’s Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spread is free of artificial ingredients. In fact, their Original cream cheese has fewer ingredients than many competing brands. Rather than release a singular flavor of cream cheese, Tillamook upped the ante and debuted four: Original, Seriously Strawberry, Aged Cheddar, and Very Veggie. The new cream cheeses can be found where Tillamook products are sold, including major retailers like Walmart and Target.

Every flavor has a solid foundation that’s creamy with the perfect amount of tang. So even if you’re just eating plain cream cheese, you’re going to enjoy it. If you prefer fruitier cream cheese, try the Seriously Strawberry, which gets a slight sweetness from jammy strawberry preserves  instead of overloading on sugar. Fans of veggie schmear found that the Very Veggie had all the flavors they wanted, but could still pair well with seasoned everything bagels. While all the flavors were good, our favorite by far was the Aged Cheddar—it had just enough bite to jazz up a bagel or cheese ball, but wasn’t so sharp it belonged on a cheese board.


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