Wendy’s Brings Back Its North Pacific Cod Sandwich for Lent


Today is Mardi Gras, a day for debauchery before settling into the 40 days of Lent that begin on Ash Wednesday. While the Easter countdown could be interpreted as an invitation to start buying up all the new bunny-themed candy appearing on store shelves, it’s also a time of deprivation for the devout, where things like meat and other good things are given up.

Well, if you’re giving up beef and poultry for Lent but still want to enjoy fast food for some reason, Wendy’s has you covered. Just in time for Ash Wednesday, they’re reviving a fishy favorite: their wild-caught North Pacific cod sandwich.

A classic entry into the relatively unheralded fast food seafood category, this North Pacific cod sandwich is made from the namesake fish covered in a crunchy panko breadcrumb batter, smeared with dill tartar sauce and draped with dill pickle slices in order to hint at the brininess of the ocean from whence this menu item presumably came.

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Even if you’re not a devout Catholic, there’s still at least one good reason to try this thing out: it’s not as bad for you as other things on the menu. Info on the Wendy’s website suggests the Wild Caught North Pacific Cod sandwich weighs in at 440 calories, less than half of the 920 calories you’ll find in a standard-issue Baconator.

Just as the sacrifices Lent asks us to make our only temporary, so is this fish sandwich’s place on the Wendy’s menu. It’ll be available on its own for $3.99 through early April, which hopefully means it’ll carry you all the way through Good Friday.


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