Yes, Avocado Milk Is About to Become a Real Thing


At this point in late-stage capitalism, one could certainly argue that there are already more than enough milk alternatives on the market. From coconut to pretty much every conceivable nut and legume, you’d think the market for vegan-friendly, dairy-free milks would be saturated by now. Well, hold onto your avocado toast because it turns out there’s a new vegan milk in town.

In case that D+ joke didn’t tip you off already, you should know that “avocado milk” is hitting American supermarket shelves, thanks to a  brand with the creative name of Avocadomilk.

Formerly sold in Australia and New Zealand (a country with a pretty cutthroat avocado industry), the beverage has now been augmented in a new vegan formulation that removes its honey. However, it’ll still include freeze-dried avocado and oats, making for a beverage that Avoacdomilk’s website claims is free of dairy, artificial colors and flavors, cholesterol, and lactose. Each bottle contains “20% of the goodness of an avocado,” though what exactly that means is a bit unclear.

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Right now, you might be thinking that Avocadomilk, much like almond milk and avocados themselves, can’t be all that great for the environment. For what it’s worth, it sounds like the company tries to operate in a relatively sustainable manner. They tend to buy the “ugly, imperfect fruit,” paying a 20 percent markup to growers to do so. Their farms also rely solely on rainwater without any supplemental irrigation. Finally, the 1.7 tons of CO2 their production and delivery generates each month is offset by planting more than 100 avocado new trees each year.

So is Avocadomilk really all that revolutionary? Not if you have access to some avocados and a blender. Still, given how people lose their minds over the green superfood and novel ways to consume it, this could quickly become the most Instagrammed milk of all time.


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