You Can Buy a Glass Dragon Full of Brandy from Costco for $99

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If you ever have a desperate need to buy mass quantities of one specific type of food, Costco has you covered. From five-pound cheesecakes to jugs of eggnog wine to many pounds of surprisingly affordable wagyu beef, the bulk big box retailer is home to pretty much everything you could imagine. Including, it seems, a dragon.

Well, you can’t technically buy a dragon from Costco. But you can buy a dragon made out of glass that holds 750 ml of XO (meaning it’s been aged at least six years) brandy. Captured in a post to the Costco subreddit, this exquisite piece of glass would look great atop any bar, or on display in a Chinese restaurant, which is where one commenter has spotted it.

Dragon Brandy XO on sale $99.99

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Because this is Costco, you’re more likely to accidentally break the glass than break the bank when buying this thing. The Reddit post lists its price as a surprisingly reasonable $99.99, which starts to look like a pretty good deal when you compare it to the $159.99 price tag the same combination of dragon and “very special aged Armenian Brandy” sells for at other outlets. For the Costco price, it’s like you’re buying a glass dragon that looks totally badass, and then getting enough brandy to start a party in honor of your new piece of artwork for three.

Is this thing a pain in the tail to drink out of? Probably. You definitely don’t want to be handling this fine piece of glass after more than a finger or two of fine Armenian brandy. But will it look badass next to the collection of samurai swords you keep in your furnished basement? Absolutely. And that, my friend, makes this Costco find absolutely priceless.  

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