You Can Buy a Ton of Brisket at Costco Now


Anyone who’s ever made a pilgrimage to a famous barbecue spot or attended a large dinner on a Jewish holiday is well aware that brisket is probably the best cut of beef around. Of course, part of what makes brisket so special is that it’s almost always smoked or slow-cooked for a number of hours in order to tenderize the meat properly. In short, a good brisket often takes more patience, practice, and cooking supplies than most of us might have available. 

Thankfully, Costco can cater to all of your upcoming brisket needs as we head into the harvest season. According to Instagram account @TheCostcoConnoisseur, the wholesaler that has a hand in selling anything you can imagine now has its own line of brisket, thoughtfully arranged with everything you’d need to assemble some sweet, beefy sliders.

The NEW Pit Smoked Brisket Sliders w/Coleslaw has been spotted in the DC area!!! So excited to try these ? Spotted at the Leesburg, VA Costco.SWIPE ?? to see more photos . . . . . . #costco @costco #kirklandsignature #costcofood #sliders #bbq #brisket #coleslaw #bbqsauce #costcofinds #costcodeals #costcobuys #costcodoesitagain #costcohaul #costcolife #dinner #dinnerideas #hawaiianrolls @kingshawaiian #kingshawaiian #lunch #lunchideas #lunchtime #lunchbox #dinnertime #thursday #weeknightmeals #weeknightdinner #theCostcoConnoisseur #GoingToAllTheCostcos

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According to the Costco sign included in the post, each kit comes with pit smoked beef brisket, nine King’s Hawaiian rolls, barbecue sauce, coleslaw dressing, and “fresh shredded vegetables,” since I guess you have assemble the coleslaw by yourself. From the look of it, this beautiful, bounteous brisket kit sells for $6.99 a pound, making it a fittingly cost-effective way to feed a whole bunch of hungry carnivores. 

It’s worth pointing out that this particular bit of pit-smoked perfection was spotted by @TheCostcoConnoisseur at the retailer’s Leesburg, Virginia location. It’s no secret that you can find better BBQ south of the Mason-Dixon line than you would up in Yankee country, but it’s unclear if this Costco brisket bonanza is a local or a nationwide affair. 

Still, if you’re panicked about what to bring to friendsgiving or any sort of holiday potluck or get-together, you’re gonna want to seek out this brisket and show up like the conquering hero that you are. Just make sure to grab a slider for yourself before a bunch of hungry folks swarm around this tray of deliciousness. 

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