You Should Add Greek Yogurt to Your Whipped Cream—Here's Why

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About a year ago, whipping cream by hand became, for some reason, one the major ways I found to relieve stress. Breaking out a whisk and a bowl and working at it until it turned into the ethereal, light cloud of whipped cream was a benefit both to my upper arm strength and to my desserts. There's little in my usual dessert repertoire that can't benefit from a little blob of fresh whipped cream on it—pies, brownies, cookies, or just a pile of cut-up fruit.

But sometimes in my fervor to whip things, I'd run out of heavy cream and have to improvise a supplement to it to make enough for the meal. (Whole milk won't work, just FYI.) That's when I remembered a tip that Alison Roman gave in Dining In: If you're running low on whipping cream, you can supplement it with Greek yogurt. So I did, and found that I liked the taste of the Greek yogurt whipped cream so much that it became a regular part of my whipped cream repertoire. It gives whipped cream just a touch of that gentle yogurt tang, a nice way to offset the sugar you're adding and a good balance for sweet desserts that you pair it with. And as a bonus, the yogurt helps the whipped cream keep its structure. I also found that I could store it in the fridge without the cream breaking down as quickly as it normally does. 

Easy never tasted so awesome.

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All you need is half a cup to a cup of Greek yogurt, depending on how tangy you want your whipped cream and how much you're making. Whip your cream as normal—by hand, like me, if you need the stress relief, or with a stand or hand mixer if you'd rather just have it done quickly. When the cream gets to be at the soft peak stage, add the yogurt in and finish whipping until the mixture forms stiff peaks. Add a tablespoon or two of confectioner's sugar in with the yogurt if you like your whipped cream sweetened. Proceed to put it on everything.

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