‘You’re saving my life!’ Fast-food worker on why customers should never buy iced drinks

Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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Although bottled drinks are currently unavailable at McDonald’s nationwide, Britons can still order cold drinks from the restaurant’s refill machines. However, one person working for another fast-food restaurant has warned if you do this, it’s best to ask for a drink without ice.

A video on TikTok of a fast-food worker advising customers how to correctly order a cold, soft drink, has gone viral.

The social media sensation, who uses TikTok under the name JasonMora2, is from the United States and works for Dunkin’ Donuts.

However, his advice can be applied to any fast-food restaurant.

The worker shared the best way to order a cold drink with your meal.

The Dunkin’ Donuts staff member recommended never ordering ice with your drink.

It is best to ask servers not to put ice in your drink as they would normally fill half the cup with the ingredient.

This means you would only get half the amount of liquid as you would without ice.

In the video, the worker proved this theory to viewers by carrying out a demonstration.

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He decanted the drink from one cup to another without the ice, revealing that the ice takes up half the space in the cup.

Causing debate among TikTok users, the video has been watched more than 500,000 times and has received almost 5,000 comments.

Many people claimed they weren’t surprised at the revelation.

One person commented: “Doesn’t surprise me.”

Another wrote: “I always ask for no ice and then just add ice when I get home.”

One person said: “That’s why I don’t ask for ice, it takes up too much space and it waters the drink down.”

Another TikTok user added: “That’s why I tell them no ice.”

Meanwhile, some people were shocked and seemed to be grateful that they had seen the video.

One person said: “You’re saving my life with this one my friend. Thank you.”

Another person wrote: “At this point I’ll be asking for a certain amount of ice cubes.”

One person added: “No wonder I drink it in five seconds, I don’t feel as bad anymore.”

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