Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup with Italian Sausage

Creamy tomato soup is elevated by adding cheese-filled tortellini, Italian sausage, and fresh spinach. A touch of cream and a handful of fresh basil make this easy weeknight meal a fan favorite!

On our first date, my husband took me to an Italian restaurant that has long since closed its doors. They had an off-menu tomato tortellini soup that I loved. It was thick, creamy, loaded with cheese tortellini, and dotted with fresh basil. Most of all, it was bursting with flavor.

Now that 17 years have passed since that first date and I’m a working mom with two active children, I decided to develop a more robust version of the soup I’d had so many years before.


I wanted this soup to be hearty enough to count as the entire meal and easy enough to make on a weeknight, while also leaving enough left over for lunch the next day. I’m pleased to say for our family of four I clicked all of those boxes!

The foundation of the soup is the same as I remember—thick and creamy, but I added Italian sausage to give it a little heft and some spinach because I’m always trying to add more vegetables to our meals, even if it’s just a little bit here and there.

I love this hearty soup! It’s filling, I’m only using one pot, it’s perfect for a weeknight meal, but can also impress guests, and everyone in the house is completely satisfied.


Any tortellini will do! I used frozen because it’s nice to have on hand. I also use cheese tortellini, but I think mushroom tortellini would be delicious in this soup.

Let the soup come to a boil before you add tortellini in any of its forms, then adjust the cooking time according to the package.


It’s best to let hot soup cool to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator. I usually let it cool, put the lid on the pot, and pop it in the fridge. You could also transfer it to another container once it cools.

It will keep in the refrigerator for up to five days, although the tortellini might puff up a bit and absorb more of the liquid. If you want to save it for dinner down the road, pop it in your freezer and revisit it in three months.


I added just a little sugar to this soup. If your soup has an acidic edge or bite to it, the sugar will tone that down. The acidity depends on the sweetness of the tomatoes used and how much they concentrate during the cooking.

This soup is made for a quick weeknight meal, not a long, slow Sunday simmer, so the sugar, though only a small amount, plays a big role in balancing flavors.


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