10 Shopping Secrets and Hacks From ALDI Employees

We asked and ALDI employees answered! Sure, you probably already know to bring your quarter and your own grocery bags to ALDI, but we’re betting you don’t know some of the tips and tricks on this list. Our friends are giving you the lowdown on the best ways to save time and money. Here, their top 10 tips for shopping at ALDI.

1. Pick up a circular on the way in and out.

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Grab a handbill on the way into the store to check out the Hot Deals for the week. You’ll find savings on fresh produce, meat, seasonal items and more. On your way out of the store, grab a circular to see the features and ALDI Finds for the following week. Be sure to note that the sales are updated each Wednesday.

2. Go during the middle of the week.

Shop on Wednesday for the best selection of new products. Each Wednesday, exciting and affordable seasonal products (aka ALDI Finds) are stocked for the week. These products may vary from patio furniture to a fresh rack of lamb. Because the items are usually in such high demand, once a store has sold out, they will not be replaced, so shop early for the highest chance of scoring some amazing deals.

3. No quarter? No problem.

Borrow one inside. If you’re familiar with ALDI then you know their shopping carts operate on a quarter system. Simply unlock a cart using a quarter then return the cart to the store to get your quarter back. For those times when you’re out of change, ALDI employees say, “Don’t leave!” Ask to borrow a quarter at the register and return it when you’re finished shopping.

4. Choose ALDI brands.

For low cost and high quality, opt for the store’s private-label brand. Ninety percent of the items carried by ALDI are from one of their exclusive brands. These products save customers up to 50%, compared to similar big brand products sold at most national grocery stores. Many of the ALDI-exclusive lines are award-winning and designed to meet your everyday needs. Whether you need baby essentials, gluten-free options, plant-based products, gourmet selections or healthier ingredients, ALDI has you covered. And don’t forget to check out their broad selection of wine and beer—including the feature of the month and favorites under $10.

5. Let the signs guide you.

Signage within the aisles helps you shop quickly by indicating where certain product categories are located on the shelves. Price labels for each item are also telling and indicate slashed prices, ALDI Finds, Red Hot Specials, Seasonal Items, New at ALDI products, Product of the Year winners, Wine of the Month, Superior Taste Gold, and more.

6. Speed through checkout.

Because ALDI products place multiple barcodes on the package, ALDI staff can speed through the checkout process. ALDI produce is also prepackaged to help cut back on the time you spend in line. Most of the time, ALDI employees are able to scan items faster than you’re able to unload your grocery cart. Plus, because you’re bagging your own groceries, you’ll be in and out of the line quickly.

7. Save tons of money, thanks to ALDI’s business model.

ALDI employees believe in taking the necessary steps to streamline production and pass savings on to their shoppers. In fact, compared to large chain grocery stores, their methods may even seem unorthodox. One main way ALDI does this is by decreasing labor costs. For example, ALDI has shorter store hours (most stores are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.), requires customers to bag their own items, uses their unique shopping cart system, has fewer workers at a time, and displays products on the shelves in their original cardboard boxes.

8. Be satisfied with your ALDI-exclusive products, or it’s on them.

ALDI offers a “Twice as Nice Guarantee” designed to replace any product that a customer may not be totally satisfied with AND refund his/her money. ALDI states that they believe they have the best quality products around and stands by that belief with this guarantee. Simply bring the product packaging, any unused product and the receipt (to receive a refund) to the store manager.

9. Shop ALDI products without ever going into the store.

You can now enjoy your favorite ALDI products delivered right to your door, thanks to a new partnership with Instacart. Just visit Shop.Aldi.US to order your ALDI essentials and have them delivered the same day.

10. Ask employees for product opinions.

Most ALDI employees not only work for the retailer but are also dedicated brand shoppers. Therefore, they’re very familiar with the various products are able to recommend their favorites. So if you’re not familiar with the new chocolate dessert hummus, don’t be afraid to ask for an opinion. It is likely they have already tried it.

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