'12 Days of Cheese' Returns to Whole Foods in Time for Party Season

'12 Days of Cheese' Returns to Whole Foods in Time for Party Season

The holiday season is all about traditions—like the annual ritual of looking at the calendar, seeing that it's December 5, and yelling, "If there are still 20 days until Christmas, why am I already freaking out?!" But here's a returning tradition that may raise your spirits: Today, Whole Foods announced it's bringing back its popular 12 Days of Cheese promotion—meaning, from December 12 to 23, your stress eating can consist of a rotating selection of high-quality artisanal cheeses at low, low prices! Or you can serve them to guests at holiday gatherings. Whatever.

To recap how the promotion works for those who have not indulged in half-price Whole Foods cheese in the past: Each day from December 12 to 23, Whole Foods' will make a different one of its "highest-quality cheeses available at a generous discount, from artisans like 2019–20 World Cheese Award–winner Rogue Creamery." That discount: 50 percent off—with an additional 10 percent off if you're a Prime member.

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In the announcement, Whole Foods also takes a moment to flex its cheese muscles, explaining, "These distinctive cheeses were chosen by Whole Foods Market's global experts in collaboration with the company's in-store Certified Cheese Professionals. This highly trained group of 386 team members has been certified by the American Cheese Society for their expertise in cheese storage and handling, nutrition, distribution, raw materials, the ripening process, the making process, types of cheeses, pairings and various specialty categories. More than 51% of Certified Cheese Professionals worldwide come from Whole Foods Market."

Still not convinced? Well, here are this year's 12 cheese deals and their respective dates, along with descriptions provided by Whole Foods. Oh, and by the way, Whole Foods encourages you to drop by and sample these cheeses, with those aforementioned in-store Certified Cheese Professionals standing by to answer all of your cheesy questions…

Dec. 12: Roth Pavino
"Rich, earthy, medium-firm Alpine cheese with notes of sweet hazelnut. Exclusive to Whole Foods Market."

Dec. 13: Istara P'tit Basque
"Aged a minimum of 70 days, this creamy and smooth sheep milk cheese has a mild, nutty flavor with a subtle, sweet finish."

Dec. 14: Uplands Cheese Pleasant Ridge Reserve
"A cow's milk Alpine-style cheese modeled after favorites like Le Gruyère and Beaufort, with flavors ranging from milky to nutty and grassy. The Pleasant Ridge Reserve is America's most awarded cheese."

Dec. 15: Neal's Yard Dairy Keen's Cheddar
"This cheese is dense yet creamy with complex flavors ranging from fruity to sweet butterscotch. Each wheel has been hand selected by our experts."

Dec. 16: Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog
"A goat's milk soft-ripened American original with a beautiful ribbon of edible ash through the center. Floral, herbaceous overtones, buttermilk and fresh cream flavors."

Dec. 17: Emmi Cave Aged Le Gruyère
"A firm, almost crumbly Alpine cheese. Robust, deeply flavored, with tangy fruit notes and classic nuttiness."

Dec. 18: Sweet Grass Dairy Thomasville Tomme
"Raw cow's milk, handcrafted cheese with a semi-firm texture. Rich, earthy flavors with a finish of light salt, grass and tangy cream."

Dec. 19: Mitica Cordobes
"Made with Castellana and Merino sheep milk from Spain. Rich and buttery flavors balanced by bright acidity and nutty undertones. Exclusive to Whole Foods Market."

Dec. 20: Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue
"Aged at least 90 days in Roquefort modeled caves, this organic cheese has briny, earthy flavors with notes of sweet cream and huckleberry. Rogue Creamery recently made history by producing the first American cheese ever to win top honors at the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy."

Dec. 21: Klare Melk Truffle Gouda
"Rich, flavorful, semi-firm cheese. Velvety notes of sweet cream and butter, generously laced with earthy truffles."

Dec. 22: Cellars at Jasper Hill Harbison with Prosecco
"Soft-ripened, buttery, woodsy and sweet with balanced tones of mustard. A wash in Presto prosecco brings out bright citrus flavors. Exclusive to Whole Foods Market."

Dec. 23: MonS Mary dans les Étoiles
"Stunning, ash-coated geo-rind goat cheese. Creamy and grassy, finished with light citrus notes. Exclusive to Whole Foods Market."

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