7-Eleven’s Fall Menu Is Dropping In Early September And There’s So Much Pumpkin Spice

The autumnal equinox is officially on September 22. But by the looks of food menus and grocery store shelves, fall is already well upon us. Dunkin’ has started offering their fall line, we’re all patiently waiting for Starbucks to announce the return of the PSL, and 7-Eleven is gearing up to begin selling their fall goodies next month.
7-Eleven’s pumpkin spice latte and freshly brewed pumpkin coffee will hit hot beverage bars on September 2. Their PSL mixes creamy pumpkin with fall spices like cinnamon, sugar, anise, clove, and ginger to add dimensional flavor to every cup. Not only will they be offering new seasonal hot drinks, there will be a number of pumpkin treats to choose from at 7-Eleven locations, as well.
Some of the treats include bakery items like pumpkin spice sandwich cookies, cream cheese-filled pumpkin spice muffins, and pumpkin cheese cake snack pies. There will also be candy options like pumpkin gummies and a Halloween-inspired chocolate bar that’s made with red caramel, dark chocolate brownie, and pumpkin spice. For those that want to make 7-Eleven’s pumpkin coffee a part of their morning routine, it can also be purchased to brew at home.
The chain is working on a lot of new and innovative ways to continue giving customers what they want. 7-Eleven’s annual Sips n’ Snacks initiative is currently taking place and brings an assortment of products chosen through researching industry trends to locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. Many of the snacks support small businesses, and if they see popularity in those test locations they could see a nationwide 7-Eleven rollout.
Despite all the craziness of 2020, it’s nice to know that pumpkin spice lattes can still bring us a level of comfort and familiarity. The only challenge will be deciding which pumpkin-flavored baked good to go along with it. My money’s on the cream cheese-filled muffins.

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