A Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar Is Here for the Holidays

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

Summer 2019 was undoubtedly the summer of hard seltzer. You couldn’t walk into a barbecue without seeing White Claws stashed in the cooler—they were so popular it caused a shortage—and there seems to be an ever-growing list of brands, from Truly and Bon & Viv to smaller companies like Wild Basin and Press. (Which prompted us to conduct a very scientific taste test to find our favorite flavors.) And lest you think the spiked seltzer craze is slowing down, it’s only just getting started. This week, news broke that Give Them Beer, a craft beer gift-basket company, is selling an advent calendar filled with 12 different hard seltzers.

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The “calendar” isn’t in your typical 24-day format, but rather, broken up into 12 days, with each revealing a new seltzer for you to try. According to the Give Them Beer team, the following brands will be included in the package: Truly, White Claw, Cape & Line, Crook & Marker, Bon & Viv, Henry’s, Mighty Swell, Wild Basin, Golden Road, Smirnoff, Corona Refresca, and Rita’s Sangria Spritz. The specific flavors are still a secret, and they’ll also vary slightly depending on availability. However, if you look at the second photo on the product page, the pictured cans are supposedly “quite similar” to what will actually be in the calendar.

In addition to the 12 flavors, the calendar also includes a gift card with a personalized message, in case you want to give it to your resident hard seltzer fan as a present. You need to be 21 or older to purchase and receive the delivery (have a valid photo ID ready); due to state alcohol laws, the calendar can’t be shipped to Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, or Utah. If you’re interested, the calendars are available to order online at an introductory price of $59 right now, with the price expected to go up to $69 starting October 1—so act fast. They’ll start shipping in mid-November.

If you’re not a hard seltzer true-believer, Bonne Maman’s advent calendar might be more your speed. Every year, the French Company releases a “Countdown to Christmas” advent calendar with 24 mini jars of jams, marmalades, and honey. The 2019 edition, which is available to order on Amazon, includes seven new flavors and 17 returning favorites, and we tried them all—find out our favorites in our ranked taste test.

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