ALDI Is Launching a Line of 100-Calorie Alcoholic Seltzers

We love ALDI for many reasons—namely their affordable groceries, their sustainability efforts, their underrated wine and of course their famous “Aldi Finds” section. But among their many healthy foods there’s a new grocery item we can’t wait to stock up on the next time we’re there—Vista Bay Hard Seltzer.

You may have seen hard seltzers cropping up because they’re lower in calories and sugar than a lot of other alcoholic drinks, while still packing refreshing taste and yummy flavor (here’s a list of our current favorites). And they’re convenient—most come in cans, so they’re totally portable (and perfect for hot days at the beach or pool!)

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So you can understand why we were excited to see ALDI come out with their own line of hard seltzers yesterday. The line comes in four refreshing flavors: Black Cherry, Lime, Ruby Grapefruit, and Coconut Mango (which is an ALDI-exclusive product!)

Each can of this boozy beverage has just 100 calories, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that a six-pack will only set you back $5.89. The only bad thing? You have to wait until they hit stores on May 2 to snag ‘em.

For less than a dollar a drink, we’re officially ditching our beers and saving these for summer evenings!

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