Aldi Sells Sugar Cookie And Chocolate Mint Dessert Hummus

Are you in the right headspace to talk about one of the most highly underrated foods of all time? Too bad! I’m doing it whether you’re ready or not! Let’s talk about hummus, people. The creamy, savory chickpea spread that goes with just about any chip or cracker—and now comes in sweet varieties. Key lime pie hummus has been a thing in the past, and just in time for the end of cookie season, a sugar cookie-flavored hummus is now available at Aldi.
@CandyHunting found the sweet hummus at their Aldi grocery store and it comes in a festive chocolate mint flavor as well. “Think Santa would rather have hummus for a change? Well, here ya go. Aldi has Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Mint dessert hummus out now in the Aldi Finds refrigerated section,” the Instagram page wrote.
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Conveniently enough, the tubs of hummus share serving tips if you want some inspo for using the snack. Both options would pair well with vanilla wafers, pretzels, graham crackers, or simply by the spoonful. For those who like to combine a little sweet with a little salty, you could always pair the hummus with a snack like bagel chips or saltine crackers.
No matter which way you choose to try them out, these tubs are a nice find for winter snacking. Like many Aldi products with these sorts of seasonal flavors, they’ll probably only be around for a limited time, but you may be able to find them lingering around the refrigerated aisle after Christmas so you can try them out before they’re gone.

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