Aldi’s Advent Calendars Are Coming To Shelves Sooner Than You May Think

Aldi is known for several of their unique offerings—margarita wine, crab rangoon dip, and more—but one of the most sought after items from the grocery chain are the advent calendars that roll around every holiday season. This year, you can expect to see the wine advent calendar and cheese calendar on shelves soon to help you countdown until Christmas.
The wine advent calendar includes 24 bottles of wine in 187-milliliter capacities so you can taste a new wine every day leading up to Christmas. They’ll be available at all Aldi locations in the United States that sell alcohol and include new wines from last year and a $10 price drop from years prior. You can expect to pay $59.99 for the calendar if your closest Aldi has them in stock.
To pair with your wine, you can also purchase the 2021 Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar featuring a variety of cheeses you can try out every day in December. Some options are truffle cheddar, edam cheese, and nutty goudas.
Aldi’s collection of advent calendars will begin to hit shelves on Wednesday, November 3, with other advent calendars joining the cheese and wine lineup throughout November and December to get Aldi shoppers excited for the holidays. For advent calendars best for everyone on your shopping list, check out these boozy advent calendars and Costco’s famous wine advent calendar. There’s something for everyone who needs an extra reason to get hype for the winter holidays.

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