Aldi’s Selling Turkey & Stuffing-Flavored Chips In November And They’re The Perfect Savory Fall Snack

I stand by my opinion that a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich is the ultimate meal, but there is one thing that can bring any sandwich to new heights. And that thing, my friends,is adding something crunchy for more texture—specifically layering chips onto nearly any sandwich. It can be just about any chip you please, but Aldi is releasing turkey & stuffing wavy chips in November that are almost too good to be true.
Aldi is known for making ordinary foods like dips and chips extraordinary by offering them in unique flavors. The grocery chain sells Clancy’s chips, a brand that often comes out with unexpected flavors for their snacks. Chips that taste like pulled pork sandwiches or roasted corn are just the start; this seasonal turkey & stuffing flavor might be the most exciting yet.
The wavy chips will start appearing on shelves in November, so you have plenty of time to pick them up in preparation for Thanksgiving or on the big day. That also gives you enough time to experiment with the chips to see how you can integrate them into your food spread for the holiday. As a fan of sweet and savory, I think throwing these into some cookie dough (like our Santa’s Trash Cookies) would be a fun way to eat these for Thanksgiving.
The options are endless here, but the first step is picking some up at Aldi for just $1.69 per bag. From there, you can do what you want with them—including eating a whole bag in one sitting.

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