Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with This Super-Sharp Cheese Knife—and It's Just $11


From hard, crumbly Parmigiano-Reggiano to rich and creamy burrata, cheeses run the gamut of textures. And while your super-sharp chef's knife can cut through any wedge, it doesn't mean the 8-inch blade is convenient to use.

Enter: Cheese knives, specifically designed to slice through all types of dairy. They often come in multi-piece sets to accommodate a variety of textures and serving styles, but if you want one knife to do it all, Amazon shoppers swear by this uniquely shaped blade.

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Made from high-quality stainless steel, the Prodyne Multi-Use Cheese Knife has a 5.5-inch serrated edge to handle hard cheeses and an open-surface blade to keep meltier versions (like Brie and Gorgonzola) from sticking. It's also designed with a forked tip to easily cut attractive pieces out of semi-soft cheeses, like a cheddar or aged Gouda, and a full tang to provide extra support for harder foods.


To buy: $11;

The Prodyne knife is Amazon's choice for cheese knives, with a fabulous 4.5-star rating and more than 800 reviews. Shoppers who have bought and tried out the tool say it's extra sharp, effortlessly cutting through all sorts of cheeses.

"Came across one of these at a friend's house and was amazed at what a great job it does cutting cheese," a user wrote. "We use it mostly for harder type cheese like cheddar and Gouda. Get a nice clean slice, and cheese does not stick to the knife."

Other reviewers added the non-stick design is also great for other difficult-to-cut foods, like juicy fruits and vegetables. "This knife works great on pretty much anything I have a hard time cutting like cheese, veggies, and even ice cream cake," one said. "I love slicing tomatoes with this knife. It never sticks to the knife and it cuts so clean. It feels so smooth and effortless when you feel the blade going down."

And since the cheese knife costs just $11, shoppers call it an incredible deal. Many even compared it to Cutco knives that are priced at nearly $90: "My daughter loves my Cutco cheese knife, but I couldn't afford one for her," a user wrote. "We compared both of them cutting through a block of aged cheddar. This one performed wonderfully—just like my expensive one—and she's a happy camper!" If you're a cheese lover, the Prodyne knife is a truly grate buy.

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