American Licorice Company’s New Care Crate Is a Sweet Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you have no clue what to get the special person in your life (which could totally be yourself), then man, do I have a true treat for you. American Licorice Company—which, if you didn’t know, is the company responsible for some of your favorite candies like Sour Punch and Red Vines—has teamed up with a few other deliciously sweet brands to create a Valentine’s Day Care Crate for your tasting pleasure. And honestly, I don’t know why they didn’t do this sooner!
Exclusively available on the American Licorice Company website, the crate is packed with just enough charming candies to make anyone’s sweet-tooth swoon. Inside every crate shipped, you will find a 4 oz tray of Red Vines, an 8 oz bag of Sour Punch Hearts, one brownie-flavored Goetze Mini Cow Tale, a .9 oz box of Spangler Sweethearts, five Spangler Valentine Dum-Dums, and one 3 oz bag of Jelly Belly Cupid Corn. Sound exciting? Of course it does! But, there’s even more. Yes, more!

The new Care Crates also includes lip balm, a V-Day candy corn recipe that’s included on the actual box, a DIY facial scrub (also printed on the box), and a QR code for a bomb Valentine’s Day playlist. And for only $15.99 per crate, is that really not one of the most awesome packages ever? I know I’ll be getting mine ASAP!
So, if you’ve been wracking your brain about what you send your troupe of gal pals this love-filled holiday, want something delightful to give your smallest sweetheart, or just want to treat yourself to some of the best candies around, you’ll definitely want to add picking up one of these crates to your to-do list today.

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