Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans Exist and They Come in a Beer Can

In the spirit of Easter, I’m going to start with some good news: Jelly Belly sells draft beer-flavored jelly beans! And they come in a can!

Ready for the bad news? The only buzz you’re gonna get from these jelly beans is a sugar buzz, because they’re non-alcoholic.

I mean…I guess I get it—jelly beans are primarily for children, after all. But putting them in a beer can seems like a cruel trick, ya know?

It’s already annoying to open a beer can to find something other than beer. Now you’re telling me they’re non-alcoholic? COOL.

Disappointing ABV (or lack thereof) aside, these are kind of fun. The exterior of each bean has an “iridescent finish” that makes them look like they were poured “straight from the tap,” according to Jelly Belly.

The flavor is inspired by German-style efeweizen ale with an “effervescent, clean, crisp, and wheaty taste.”

You can buy a single can from Amazon for $7.28 or a 6-pack for $35.

If you prefer your beer-flavored candy from a bottle instead of a can, Jelly Belly has you covered—a pack of two bottles will set you back $6.45.

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