Cheetos Mac & Cheese Is Coming To Stores And We Could Not Be More Pumped To Try it

We reached out to PepsiCo and they confirmed that, yes, this new treat is hitting Walmart stores (and the website!) soon on August 8. It’s made with with authentic Cheetos cheesiness and corkscrew pasta noodles and will be available in those three flavors in cup or box format. It’s even popped up on Walmart’s website, though you can’t buy it just yet, but when you can it will be less than a DOLLAR. What a steal! You can also expect this to be out in retailers nationwide in 2021.
So there you have it! This is coming soon and may be hiding out already at a Walmart near you! All we can do for now is get ready for the utter deliciousness of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mac & Cheese…which you know I will top with more Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

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