Chipotle Released A Clothing Line That Includes T-Shirts Dyed With Avocado Pits

People who love Chipotle tend to feel pretty passionate about it. Like, either Chipotle is your life or it isn’t, ya know? Well now you can tell the world about your love of burritos because the chain is releasing its own clothing line with some items made from the very avocados that make your extra guac.
The fast food chain released its new Chipotle Goods collection this week, a “responsibly sourced apparel line” that is full of clothing that you’d actually want to wear. The line is size-inclusive (items range in sizes from XXS to 3XL) and most items are designed to be gender neutral.
Unless you’re looking super closely, you’d never know that this line is made by the same people who feed you burritos on the daily. Oh that’s just a super cute cami…oh wait it’s actually covered in peppers! Oh that’s just a simple pink tee…um, no, it says “extra” on it…as in extra guac because it’s actually dyed using avocado pits that have been up-cycled from its restaurants. My personal fave is this white t-shirt you can get to say your custom burrito or burrito bowl order (mine is white rice, black beans, chicken, corn salsa, lettuce, sour cream, and lots of hot sauce, in case you’re wondering!!).
This line ranges in price from around $10 to $75 and includes everything from socks to a bomber jacket. But if you’re into these ‘fits, you’ll have to act fast because these are going quicker than cheap burritos on Halloween.

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