Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Are On Boxes Of Chex Cereal For The Holiday Season

The two are featured on the front of Chex boxes including the chocolate, rice, corn, and wheat flavors of the cereal. The boxes are decorated with festive ornament and pine branch graphics and Chrissy and John are wearing matching bright red outfits. In the photo they’re picking from a bowl of Muddy Buddies with the caption “Make new legendary Muddy Buddies” next to the picture.
Each box has Chrissy and John’s recipe for making a sweet Muddy Buddies mix on the back so you can follow along. Chrissy has been a fan of Chex cereal for a while now and has even used it in a recipe for Chex Mix cookies she has published on her Cravings website. The couple also teamed up with Chex over the summer to create one savory and one sweet Chex summer mix that can be found online.
There are tons of ways to use Chex this holiday season that go above and beyond pouring yourself a bowl of cereal. You can add them to your baking for an extra crunch and can create your own snack mixes using what you already have in the pantry. Whatever way you choose, you’ll be eating like a Legend. Literally.

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