Costco Sells 20-Count Boxes Of Mini Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars

Ice cream is an acceptable dessert option all year round, no question. Even if you’re somewhere who gets cold in the winter time, you know ice cream is well worth bundling up in a couple extra layers so you can enjoy something sweet. Costco has everything you need when it comes to baked desserts and to help you enjoy ice cream through all the seasons, the wholesale club has boxes of frozen Kit Kat treats.
The typical Kit Kat bar is a milk chocolate-covered wafer that is crunchy and rich, and the frozen Kit Kat desserts play on that flavor and texture. Each bar is made with the same type of wafer, fudge, and vanilla ice cream to tie it all together.
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Boxes at Costco include 20 pieces and the ice cream bars come in a new mini size, making them the perfect thing to have in your freezer if you’re someone that likes to have a little something sweet after dinner. You’ll be able to find these in your Costco’s frozen aisle, though availability may vary by location. If you want to be sure your location has these mini Kit Kat ice creams, you can always call ahead and see if they could do a quick product look-up.
A friendly reminder that if you still have to do some holiday shopping Costco locations nationwide are closed on Christmas Day. This means you should try your best to get everything you need leading up to December 25 to avoid any and all food related mishaps.

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