Costco Sells 3-Pound Tubs Of Vegan Cookie Dough You Can Eat Raw Or Cooked

‘Tis the season of cookie baking, which also means ’tis the season of licking your spoon and getting every last bit of dough from the bottom of the bowl. I know you’ve been told not to eat raw cookie dough for safety reasons (…and you probably do it anyway), but now you can count on Costco for a huge tub of safe-to-eat cookie dough that is all vegan and GMO-free.
This chocolate chip cookie dough is totally safe to eat before baking since it’s egg- and dairy-free, which minimizes the Salmonella risk. Tubs of this stuff weigh in at three whole pounds, so you can use some of the dough for baking and the rest for eating by the spoonful which, again, let’s be honest, you were definitely going to do anyway.
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If you choose to bake the dough, the process is similar to any homemade recipe without the time consuming aspect of making it all from scratch. You’ll preheat the oven to 350 degrees as you prepare your cookies on a greased baking sheet—remember to use a vegan butter or cooking spray if you want to keep it plant-based—then you’ll bake them for eight-to-10 minutes.
The three-pound tub is made by EatPastry and goes for around $5.99 at most warehouses. @Costco_empties spotted it at their store and other Costco fans were quick to share how much they loved this find. “CAUTION!! EXTREMELY ADDICTING,” one wrote, with others chiming in to how delicious and convenient it is for the holiday season.

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