Cut Down on Kitchen Clutter With This Sleek Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder

No matter what we're cooking, chances are that we're grabbing a knife. A razor-sharp blade is an indispensable tool in the kitchen for everything from prepping ingredients to adding a finishing garnish, but finding a convenient place to keep them can be a challenge.

Many knife sets come with beautiful storage blocks of wood, stainless steel, or tempered glass for easy grabbing, but those take up valuable countertop real estate. Another option is to tuck your knives away in a clot roll or sheathed in a special drawer, but than can dull your knives, and it's not as convenient to find the right blade. And then there's the smart solution that thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by: the Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder.

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Made from rust-resistant stainless steel and a powerful magnetic strip, the 16-inch tool bar saves space, is easy to use, and makes a statement. It's big enough to hold even your largest cleavers and is a gorgeous way to display your hammered Japanese steel or German workhorses without cluttering up the counter.

Magnetic Knife Holder

To buy: $17 (originally $20);

The Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder is one of Amazon's best-selling magnetic knife strips, picking up an incredible 4.8-star rating and more than 2,000 reviews. Users who bought and tried out the product say it's not only durable and attractive, but also a clever space saver.

"We've had it up for two weeks so far, holding a 7-piece Wüsthof set with heft, plus shears," one wrote. "No more cumbersome wooden block, and I did not have to give up limited drawer space! This is probably the best purchase I've made all year!"

Another added, "As an accomplished cook who entertains frequently, I have twice the normal amount of food prep tools and gadgets. This holds even my heavy kitchen cleaver with no slippage."

"Our only regret is not buying another one as we apparently have more stuff we'd like to stick up there than we have room," said a third shopper.

Customers also say the tool is incredibly easy to attach to everything from drywall and wooden cabinets to stainless steel refrigerators. It comes with mounting hardware and foolproof installation instructions, which reviewers say takes 10 minutes to complete. (If you still want some assistance, you can hire Amazon Home Services to send out a handpicked professional.)

The Ouddy Magnetic Knife Holder typically costs just $20, but right now it's priced at $17. While it's a must-have for home cooks tight on space, it's simply a smart purchase for anyone looking to cut down on clutter.


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