Daily Harvest Just Released $9 Plant-Based Flatbreads—and We Tried Them


Whether it's an order from our favorite restaurant or a weekly shipment of produce from the CSA, we've always been fans of the convenience of delivery. And now, with millions of us under stay-at-home mandates, buying food online has a new appeal.

Meal kit delivery services are one way to ensure you have food on the table without stepping outside, and a brand that consistently ships quality food straight to your doorstep is Daily Harvest. The subscription service offers pre-packaged smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and more that are stuffed with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other nutritious superfoods. And starting today, Daily Harvest has a whole new category of delicious meals: flatbreads.

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Daily Harvest Flatbreads

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The launch includes three flavors: Artichoke and Spinach (inspired by artichoke dip), Kale and Coriander (a twist on a green goddess salad), and Tomato and Cremini (most similar to your traditional pizza). From crust to sauce to toppings, the flatbreads are plant-based and made with whole foods, from familiar cauliflower and kale to a little more out-there black garlic. Daily Harvest freezes its ingredients within hours of harvest to guarantee maximum flavor and nutrients, but the flatbreads crisp up in a 450° oven in just 20 minutes.

Not only does this launch come at a time where we're looking for more ways to try different foods without leaving home, but Daily Harvest is also using the moment to help build community during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to sending Daily Harvest meals to frontline healthcare professionals and donating 400,000 flatbreads to City Harvest, the company is hosting a vritual bingo night with Neil Patrick Harris on Saturday, April 11 at 7 p.m. ET to connect thousands of people under quarantine.

We got to taste Daily Harvest's three new flatbreads last week, and shared a few thoughts below. Scroll down to check them out!

Artichoke and Spinach

Artichoke and Spinach Flatbread.jpeg

We never thought a broccoli-crusted flatbread would be our favorite, but it paired beautifully with the smooth, rich tahini sauce and delicate artichokes. For even creamier flavor, add a sprinkle of feta before popping into the oven.

To buy: $9; daily-harvest.com

Kale and Coriander

Kale and Coriander.jpeg

This one reminded us of a hearty salad—in a good way. It's satisfying without weighing you down. Versatile sweet potato forms an impressive base for sturdy kale and red cabbage dressed in a green goddess-like sauce.

To buy: $9; daily-harvest.com

Tomato and Cremini

Tomato and Cremini.jpeg

Assertive, smokey tomato sauce dominates this pie, and we really enjoyed the textural contrast of roasted asparagus, cremini mushrooms, and red onions. Its cauliflower crust takes a bit of a backseat to the toppings, but we're 100% fine with that.

To buy: $9; daily-harvest.com

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