Disney Has A New Ice Cream Cone That Comes Dipped In Sparkly Blue Sugar

While you’re in that park, you can also get the adorable Baby Tuk Tuk Ice Cream Sundae, which is made with chai-spiced caramel cake, chai caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, green tea cake crumbs, salted caramel crispy pearls, and even an edible image of Baby Tuk Tuk from the movie. You might feel guilty about eating it because Tuk Tuk is just that cute but…I think you’ll be OK! This treat is available at Dino-Bite Snacks now.
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Similarly, you can get a Baby Tuk Tuk Mousse, made up of a five-spice mousse on top of chocolate cake, milk chocolate cream, a chocolate velvet ”shell,” and chocolate crispy pearls from Creature Comforts Coffee Shop and Isle of Java. Lots to enjoy! Lots to brag about! You can read all about Disney’s other new treats here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I suddenly have a major sweet tooth…

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