Funfetti Oreo Baking Kits Are Coming To Stores And, Yes, Chocolatey Pancakes Are Included

Two of the most beloved dessert flavors out there have to be Funfetti and Oreo. Think about it—you would eat pretty much any baked good if it had one of these as the descriptor, wouldn’t you?? Same! Well, we are currently in luck because these two have teamed up to create a line of baking mixes.
Funfetti is releasing a line of five different baking items that are stuffed with Oreo cookies. First up is the Funfetti Vanilla Premium Cake Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces. It’s made with a vanilla creme flavored cake mix with Oreo cookie pieces included within the mix. Nex up is Funfetti Chocolate Premium Cake Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces. This one has a cake mix in a dark cocoa flavor with Oreo cookie pieces included within the mix. To top them off, you can add Funfetti Vanilla Flavored Frosting with Oreo Cookie Pieces.
If cake isn’t your thing, you’ll want to pick up Funfetti Premium Brownie Mix, which includes Oreo pieces included in a separate pouch so you can add them for final decoration. Finally, breakfast gets a lot more fun with Funfetti Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix with Oreo cookie pieces mixed in.
Now, you might be looking at this and wondering, why the heck is it called Funfetti if there aren’t adorable little rainbow pieces inside as well as Oreo cookies? Well, that I cannot answer for you, but if that’s the mash-up you seek, I would highly suggest you follow your dreams, mix cake mixes together and make it happen. Heck, I probably will! All of the Oreo mixes will be available in stores nationwide starting in February and run from $1.30 to $4.00.

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